Jeff Hays som står bakom filmen BOUGHT ber om ursäkt till Andrew Wakefield, som var en av de första som filmades. De vågade dock i slutändan inte att införliva klippet i filmen eftersom Wakefields namn har blivit så nedsvärtat och man var rädd att filmen inte skulle nå ut om han var med. Se klippet!!

Jeff Hays påpekar att Wakefieldes historia är makaber när man får veta detaljerna och säger också att Wakefields bidrag till ämnet vaccin är ovärderligt och att hans historia förtjänar att komma ut. Nu vill han dela ett litet klipp med oss även om det inte är i “BOUGHT”.


Om du vill veta mer så kan du se en längre film om Wakefield här:

Här kan du höra Wakefield själv berätta sin sida av saken:
“The video discusses vaccines in depth, and gives 100% proof that vaccines cause Autism with references to many prominent scientists and their studies. Also displays Court cases where it was proven to the judge that the MMR vaccine was responsible was Autism. Apart from the misleading statements, Dr. Andrew Wakefield describes how Brian Deer deliberately hid key proof that he was not guilty of any of the crimes he was accused of by Deer”

 Jeff Hay i mail 2015-05-19:

Andrew Wakefield is arguably the most polarizing figure in the great vaccine debate. His story is astounding when you hear it in detail. His continued efforts to be a voice for the broken people damaged by vaccines is endearing.

He was one of the first people we filmed and it was terrific footage.

We wrestled with whether to include him in Bought. I literally lost sleep over it, and decided not to include him. Ouch. I felt like we were piling on someone who needed support, not another snub.

The problem was that he is such a lightning rod that many people would not give the film the time of day had they heard he was in it.

So with my sincere apologies to Dr Wakefield, here is a tiny portion of his story

His contribution to this subject is invaluable, his story deserves to be told. Even if he is not in Bought, we can still share his story.


Jeff Hays





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PS We’ve made Bought free to view online again for a brief period while so many states are considering eliminating personal belief exemptions. Please share with your world, will you?

Here’s the link for the free viewing:

//Sara Boo, Ordförande NHF Sweden