Nu har Eu-parlamentarikerna fått brev från NHF. NHF är en internationell hälsofrihetsorganisation som finns i 22 länder.

May I have your attention, please!

Soon, you and your political parties will vote about the future of TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

I hope that you understand and realize that the TTIP agreement gives more power to the large global enterprises – the power to overturn democratic decisions made in the European Union, or in every single country of the EU. Decisions that are made to protect public health and our environment. The TTIP also provides the global companies access to our tax money because the TTIP gives those global companies the right to sue a single country or whole EU if the companies not are allowed to sell their health hazardous products on the market  –  and the global enterprises will have the right to demand financial compensation. The TTIP will either result in expensive litigations, where a country or the EU must pay extremely expensive fines or where the country or the EU may choose the in short-term cheaper way and placing the harmful corporate products on the market. It will be an expensive task to defend the public health. The countries of EU will have to pay dearly if democracy in EU is further undermined by the TTIP trade agreement.

You, who is planning to say yes to the TTIP trade agreement – are you prepared to put public health at risk? Are you willing to take the blame for the financial losses when your country is sued in secret courts justified by the TTIP agreements? Are you willing to take the blame for a further weakened democracy in EU, in your own country, and in countries all over the globe, allowing gigantic global power companies to run wild and overturn decisions made by the public elected government?

This TTIP trade agreement between Europe and the United States is not the first one including these types of rules. We can already see what such trade agreements mean in reality. For example, the Australian government was sued by the tobacco giant Philip Morris because of the government’s tough anti-smoking laws. The pesticide giant Dow Chemical threatened to sue the Canadian government when it tried to stop Dow from selling a controversial pesticide, but Dow Chemical withdrew the prosecution after the Canadian government agreed to state that the pesticide was safe when used as directed. Will your own country, or the EU commission, choose to pay dearly or will they dance to the pipe of the powerful companies? We do not have to choose either the plague or cholera – if you only say no to the TTIP! It all depends on you what future we will have!

Now – before the TTIP trade agreement even has been negotiated – it has already been used to stop an EU legislation against endocrine disruptors. This costs us 157 billion euros every year. – What do you think the cost will be when the TTIP trade agreement is used widely by the powerful global companies? 

Do not let those companies violate us, make us victims and allow them to impose their hazardous chemicals or GMO´s on us and then furthermore make us pay dearly for it financially as well as in health terms.

The fact that the ISDS may lead to that we are sued for democratic decisions, is extremely worrying. For example, when Slovakia wanted to stop pursuit of profit in prosperity, they were sued in such private arbitration tribunals – and lost…

Think twice! Shouldn’t we, ourselves – as a nation or as a European union – be able to decide over our own welfare? It is now year 2015! Should the governments of democratic nations really put their power into corporate hands? You are elected by the citizens in your country to protect your nation, and to protect your fellow citizens. You are elected to protect our health, our environment, our democracy and our prosperity. Now, I sincerely hope that you will take responsibility and vote NO to the TTIP!




Scott C Tips, the President of the National Health Federation

The National Health Federation (NHF)

A non-profit Health Freedom organization – now in 22 countries worldwide

The NHF is a Codex-recognized organization (with the right to attend and speak at the Codex Alimentarius meetings)

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